About Us

"ILIA TRADING" is one of the group companies AnNasban, specializing in the commercial, specifically in the import and marketing of medical supplies in Saudi market established 1997. Ilia trading has been able, by virtue to God
Almighty then hard work, systematic management and organized work to gain the confidence of clientele from big companies, public and private hospitals, medical centers, and clinics. Ilia trading always seeks attract the best qualified administrative cadres scientific and practical experience, and the owners, and are known for their accuracy, efficiency and commitment because they are a bridge of communication between the company and customers.  

Our Vision:
That the company ILIA TRADING of the first companies in the area of trade in medical supplies in accordance with international standards.

Our Mission:
To perform the tasks and gain the trust of customers, ILIA TRADING Company has developed an integrated system of work based on several pillars, namely:
First: Inculcating the spirit of excellence, innovation and incentives for ingenious staff members.
Second: Training, qualifying and unremitting raising efficiency for all employees at all levels.
Third: Adopting of a distinct system of quality in the work to be applied in all kinds of work.
Fourth: Work-based on regulations and systems.
Fifth: Applying the rules and regulations and follow the correct procedures.
Sixth: Attracting the administrative and technical staff that is qualified technically and practically.
Seventh: Having a specific financial system depends on the optimal use of resources.
Eighth: Integrity in performance and ensuring the rights of customers to get high-quality service.
Ninth: Job security for workers in ILIA TRADING to provide a safe and stable working environment besides commitment to security and safety standards to reduce errors.
Tenth: Commitment to provide services of the highest level, because ILIA’s client today is its client every day.

Our goals:
Saudi community service through the provision of Taiba products with high quality and reasonable prices.
Maintain the traditions and keep pace with innovation and according to quality standards and moral values.
Using the latest scientific and technical means in all operations and services provided by Elijah.
Provide our services to our customers the satisfaction of their aspirations and not wasting their money.

Our Message:
ILIA TRADING is a renewed world offers the best services in medical field depending on experience and according to the latest developments...
 We are the expectations of our clients get ahead of their needs and meet their current and future desires guided by our values, quality and transparency with our clients who share our success.

Our motto
“Customer satisfaction is our target”

Our Goals
Community service and the training of Saudi Arabia, men and women to work in the commercial sphere.
Preserving the traditions and keeping pace with innovation, according to quality standards and our ethical values.
Contributing in the improvement of the environment and providing a clean and safe work environment to raise the efficiency of performance and contribute to business development.
Using of the latest scientific and technical means in all operations and services provided by ILIA.
Providing services to our customers to get the satisfaction of their aspirations and not wasting their money.