EasyMate G Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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                       *  If using the EasyMate® G system to monitor an existing disease, only adapt with proper training.

                       *  Do not use the EasyMate® G system to test newborns.

                       *  Be sure to follow your local regulations for proper disposal of used test strips, lancets, and bies.

                       *  The monitoring system will not work properly at altitudes greater than 8,000 feet (2,400                 

                            Meters) above sea level.

                       *  This system is designed for use at temperatures between 14°C and 40°C (57.2°F and 104°F)                    and less than 85% relative humidity. If you use the system outside of the proposed conditions, it                      it can give false results

                       *  Always write down the opening date of your glucose control solution bottle and test strip vial.

                       * Glucose strips and solution expire three months after first opening or until the expiration date,              whichever comes first. The meter stores control test results in its memory, where they appear           just like test results.

                       *  Make sure the number on the code key matches the code number on the vial of test                 strips you use.

                       * The EasyMate® G Meter can measure your blood glucose in mg/dL or mmol/L Just adjust  the                 switch in the battery compartment.